Microsoft starts new program to help make more accessible games

Microsoft starts new program to help make more accessible games

Microsoft is growing its accessibility attempts with a brand new program to evaluate Xbox as well as PC games. The company’s team of gaming accessibility announced that the developers will be able to send their games for accessibility evaluation to players who have disabilities. The new program had been announced along with updates related to Xbox Accessibility Guidelines which were introduced last year.

The developers will now have the choice of sending their PC or Xbox game to Microsoft and have it evaluated and tested against the suggestions offered by XAGs, said a blog post issued by Xbox. The Xbox Accessibility Guidelines comprise of thorough explanations about design considerations to help developers and have been updated now to accommodate clearer language, implementation examples and additional context.

Reports on game tests will include feedback from the players who are disabled as well as links to data on relevant nonprofits, accessibility experts and inclusive design. Any problems discovered during the evaluation will be jotted down with screenshots, reproduction and other data to aid the developer in better understanding what factor might be challenging for a few players with disabilities, says the blog post.

Notably, a program like this one might possibly lead to increased number of games with a similarly broad variety of latest accessibility options.


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