DJI’s future first-person drone surfaces in an unboxing video

DJI's future first-person drone surfaces in an unboxing video

The first-person drone from DJI still has not been launched; however, that is not stopping the fanatics from receiving significant information about it. As per a report from the Verge, Dominion Drones shortly shared one video where it had unboxed First Person View Combo and detailed a few of its enhancements.

Dominion did not fly the new drone for testing the rumored ‘93MPH’ top speed; but the video clip does reveal the first-person view camera and downward and front-facing sensors which are probably meant to aid dodge obstacles. There is an upgraded controller as well and the new racing glares are likely lighter to their 2019 predecessors. The upcoming FPV drone is meant for the racers clearly apart from the fans of the first-person view footage.

Its being said that DJI will launch the FPV drone this March; however, the biggest question might lie around its availability. Though DJI has repeatedly said that it will continue selling drones inspite of a United States trade ban, one will have to wait and see if it’ll really meet that claim. Do not be surprised if you find any changes in DJI’s plans, for the American drone purchasers at least.


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