Rare Blast’s Remains Discovered in Milky Way Center

Rare Blast’s Remains Discovered in Milky Way Center

The astronomers might have discovered the first ever example of a rare stellar explosion in our galaxy. This discovery, which was made using the Chandra X-Ray Observatory of NASA, adds to our understanding of the way a few stars break and add elements in the universe that are crucial for our planet.

This unusual object, which is located close to Milky Way Center, is one supernova remnant known as Sgr A East or Sagittarius A East. Depending on the Chandra Observatory data, the astronomers earlier classified this object as remains of one ginormous star which exploded as supernova.

With the help of more Chandra observations, an astronomers’ team has now concluded instead that this object is the remains of a distinct kind of supernova. It’s the explosion of one white dwarf that merges with any other white dwarf or pulls a lot of material from companion star, which in turn, causes it to shatter, accompanied by a bright light.

The astronomers utilized Type la supernovae as most of these mete out nearly the same light each time regardless of their location. That lets the researchers use them for precisely measuring the distances in space and know more about the expansion of universe.


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