ESPN baseball reporter Pedro Gomez dies at 58

ESPN baseball reporter Pedro Gomez dies at 58

ESPN news reporter since the year 2003 and a renowned baseball journalist of the country Pedro Gomez passed away unexpectedly on Sunday at the age of 58.

Phoenix-based Gomez covered baseball news for Baseball Tonight, SportsCenter and other studio shows, radio and live events of ESPN. In his 35-year vast career, Gomez covered over 20 All-Star Games and 25 World Series.

The journalist is survived by his beloved wife Sandra, sons Dante and Rio and his daughter Sierra.

In a statement, his family said that Gomez was not only a media personality, but also a loving husband, dad, coach, mentor and loyal friend.

Gomez remained part of the landmark 2016 media coverage of ESPN when Tampa Bay Rays fought against the Cuban national football team. He has also covered one US men’s national football match in 2008 as well as one exhibition game held between the Cuban national team and Baltimore Orioles in 1999.

The reporter was an integral part of ESPN’s Barry Bonds’ coverage between 2005 and 2007, including the coverage of Bonds’ chase for passing the home run record of Henry Aaron in 2007.

Notably, before Gomez joined ESPN, he wrote for San Diego Union, Miami News, Sacramento Bee, Miami Herald, San Jose and Mercury News.


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